Understand Employers' and Members' Needs

In order to create the ideal structures to meet the needs of the employer and members, we must understand the needs of both. We rely on input from various stakeholders within the business to assist us. As we remain close to both the employer and the members, we are able to fluidly alter our strategy to ensure that it remains consistently relevant.

Review Current Model and Create Best Fit Model

Our objectivity is geared to ensure that members optimally benefit from their schemes. It is not our intention to replace your current providers unnecessarily, but rather to understand whether your current strategy and choice requirements are suitable for your employees, and whether the service providers appointed are able to meet your requirements.

Engage with Providers

Finding the correct service provider(s) is often a difficult task. This is due to a large number of providers within the market, some specialists in some areas and others that provide an all-inclusive solution. We aim to simplify this process by ensuring that a proper due diligence is conducted on chosen providers and that they understand what the ideal strategy aims to deliver. We ultimately seek to develop a partnership with providers on behalf of the employer and members.

Agree on Terms and Implement

In our experience, implementation of a new strategy with service providers is often where mistakes happen. This is due to immense administrative and legislative requirements. We remain a part of the implementation team to guide the process and limit the risk of errors taking place. We also describe and agree roles and responsibilities prior to implementation to ensure minimal disruption.

Ongoing Management of Strategy and Providers

The Management Board should be enabled to focus on more crucial decision making pertaining to investment choices, creating effective communication strategies. It is our responsibility to ensure that all other aspects of the fund are running well and that our strategies are tested on a regular basis.