What We Do

Frontier Employee Benefits provides its clients with objective advice focusing on member wellbeing

  • Retirement Fund Consulting
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Retirement Fund Investment Consulting
  • Corporate Investment Consulting
  • Group Risk Consulting
  • Communication Consulting
  • Cash Management Solutions

Our Core Focus Area

General benefit consulting incorporates fund structuring, compliance and other associated fund requirements. The fund’s structure is reviewed regularly to ensure that members are able to best achieve their retirement goals. We work closely with the Management Committee to ensure that the strategy is understood by all providers and implemented accordingly.

Risk consulting incorporates ensuring that the correct types of risk cover are in place for the various members. We vet insurers to ensure that valid claims are paid within agreed timeframes. Pricing is provided to our clients in a fair and consistent manner, with the portfolio awarded to the insurer that meets our strict set of requirements.

By taking away the management of the many hygiene factors associated with running a retirement fund, we provide the Management Board with more time to spend on creating the correct investment options for members. We simplify the jargon and complexity of the investment world by creating an investment model that suits the members of the funds first, and then help choose the correct provider(s). We continually match results with the desired outcomes.

Communication is the most critical component of Employee Benefits Consulting. An effective consultancy will ensure that members are reached and fully understand why the benefits they are offered exist, as well as how to use them efficiently to mitigate against current and future risk. Without an effective communication strategy, many members do not harness the efficiencies such structures provide. Effective communication is the cornerstone of having members retire with sufficient capital.

Healthcare in South Africa has become increasingly complex due to potential legislative changes and the increasing demands of private healthcare. Choosing the right medical scheme(s) for your employees is only one component of creating an effective healthcare strategy. Employees deal with healthcare related issues far more frequently than other group benefits. This means that it is imperative that employers appoint the correct scheme(s) and members choose the correct option. We assist in ensuring that this takes place, as well as the day-to-day requirements of members of the scheme.

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