Employee Benefits Consulting

Frontier Employee Benefits provides its clients with objective advice focusing on member wellbeing.

Employee Benefits has evolved into a seemingly complex environment in South Africa. Each employer has different needs, as does each member. At Frontier Employee Benefits, we limit complexity and focus on the needs of the member while reducing the need for day-to-day involvement of the employer. The core of our methodology resides in effective communication and modeling solutions around the members’ needs. To create a risk and investment portfolio, we map out the needs of each individual member and compare it to their current position. We are then able to further consult with members to assist them reach their retirement goals.  Our holistic approach to employee benefits incorporates managing risk, retirement needs and healthcare, which effectively helps to mitigate immediate risk events and future income needs.

Our Philosophy

Frontier Employee Benefits provides expert financial advice to clients. Obtaining objective advice is crucial to ensure the best outcome for members of retirement funds and medical schemes. Our organisation is built around this need for independence. It allows us to create product-agnostic strategies that are the best fit for our clients.

As independent consultants, we ensure that our advice leads to the best possible scenarios for every individual that our advice impacts. We structure advice around members’ needs, working closely with the management committee of their fund and their employer. We conduct in-depth analyses of risk structures, investment strategies and communication strategies before proposing any changes to enhance value. This allows us to create evidence-based strategies.

We aim to build lasting partnerships with our clients, based on the objective of ensuring members’ financial security. This ultimately sets us apart from many employee benefits consultants in South Africa.

Our Team

We are supported by a team of administrators and consultants that have experience in both individual and institutional advice. With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we are able to personally reach out to our clients, at their request. Our relationships with the majority of service providers at multiple levels ensures that we are well positioned to resolve third party issues quickly and efficiently. We operate within a flat structure, which supports effective internal communication and limits redundancies, allowing for competent contingency planning.

Service Providers


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